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How to take care of your Orchid


Phalaenopsis or Morth Orchid is one of a thousand of the orchid’s species. This type of plant is easily grown indoors and stay bloom for long time of period and is native from South-East-Asia, more specifically in Australia and Philippines. In general culture the Orchid is consider a symbol of love, strength, beauty and prosperity.

This flower needs to have continuously bright but indirect light. In addition, is not recommended to over watering the orchid, instead of that water the flower infrequently and only the roots, try to keep as possible leaves and flowers dry.

Now, for the soil to use, bark potting media will be a good solution to help the orchid. Also, if you mix some charcoal, sphagnum moss or perlite these are going to help with the water retention.

Phalaenopsis tolerate temperatures between 75-85 F and also adapt to a indoors temperature of 65-70F. The higher the temperature, the more moisture the plant will need.


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